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How household businesses can make more sales online—
without stretching, twisting, halving or otherwise messing with the truth

By D. Bnonn Tennant, the Information Highwayman

People running small businesses to feed their families—people, perhaps, like you—often struggle to find trustworthy marketing advice. Throw a rock into any group of marketing experts, and you’ll likely hit a self-proclaimed guru whose chief skill involves slaughtering truth on the altar of mammon.

You don’t want your website to break the ninth commandment (bearing false witness). But…you still need the expertise.

If you’re like most small business owners, you didn’t hire a copywriter to write your web content. Maybe you’re starting to realize that was a mistake. To illustrate, consider this scenario:

Imagine you had to give a sales presentation using only words from your website…

I’ll give you a minute to open a new tab and have a crack at figuring how that conversation would sound.

Don’t feel bad. It’s normal. The verbiage on most business sites couldn’t sell someone in real life. Which is why most websites don’t make the kind of ROI their owners would like.

The problem is simply this: the ability to craft copy that actually sells has been trained out of us from the moment we could string sentences together. It was trained out of me, and it was trained out of you. It was also trained out of web designers. The only difference is I’ve spent a good time retraining.

The way we’re taught to write—at school, at university, and ironically especially in the workplace—produces weak, lifeless, and ineffective copy. It fails to engage, it fails to convince, and so it fails to sell.

The good news is, if you can close sales in real life, you can do it online. You just need the right help to figure out the right words—and put them into the right thought-sequence.

Which means the chances are good that your website could generate far more sales with the right adjustments. To that end, I offer the following services:

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