Information Highwayman

Copywriting, messaging strategy & web design that turns more visitors into customers


So, you’re interested in this attention-thievery business

There’s no obligation at this point—you’re just investigating your options. But before you contact me, I should state my own conditions up front.

I don’t work with everyone. There are some people I won’t work with at all—tire-kickers, micro-managers, and scam-artists whose offerings I simply don’t believe in. And there are some people I especially prefer to work with—primarily Reformed Christians, since I can have some confidence we’ll align ideologically.

With that said, and if you’re not scared off, drop me an email and tell me what you need. (Someday there’ll be a form here that you can use, but today the cobbler’s children walk unshod, if you follow my meaning…)


Once I’ve had a chance to purse my lips, look thoughtful, and chomp a pipe or crayon or bit of twig or something, I’ll reply back to let you know the lay of the land.